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Aluminum Modular Commercial Decking by Versadeck Decking

Commercial Decking by Versadeck - Thick Fire Safe Deck Coating on Aluminum Deck
Fire Resistant Aluminum decking with design versatility ideal for commercial decks. Plank, Waterproof and Modular flooring is coated with durable polyurea ideal for heavy everyday commercial use.


Commercial Plank C-60

C-60 Commercial Plank Decking      Supports 100 lbs psf at 48 inch span    Available in lengths up to 40 foot

Brochure   Commercial Plank Aluminum Decking - Versaplank C-60 pdf image.jpg
Installation   Plank Aluminum Decking - Versaplank C-60 Installation, Care & Warranty.pdf pdf image.jpg 

Commercial Modular Panelized Decking

C-60 Commercial Modular Decking      Supports 100 lbs psf at 48 inch span    Standard sizes or made to order 

Brochure   Commercial Modular Aluminum Decking - Versamods C-60 pdf image.jpg
Installation   Modular Aluminum Decking - Versamods C-60 Installation, Care & Warranty.pdf pdf image.jpg 


The Versatility Deck Designers and Architects Demand

Versadeck™ Polyurea Coated Aluminum Decking is a high end, high performance commercial grade decking product, combined with the versatility deck designers and architects demand. Create a deck that is multi-functional, efficient and achieve the perfect outdoor deck solution. Why use a product that limits the ability to create an ideal layout? Versadeck™ Decking opens the doors, allowing designers and architects to create deck designs that incorporate plank decking, waterproof decking and modular decking all within one project if needed. No other deck system on the market today can match the Versatility of Versadeck's™ Three Combine-able Systems.

Versadeck™ Decking is covered with a thick polyurea coating that provides comfort, durability and a no-ping sound with a rich quality look and feel. The Versadeck™ thick polyurea coating and design versatility, is what sets Versadeck™ Decking apart from the competition. Versadeck™ Commercial Decking is a strong outdoor decking solution designed for heavy everyday commercial use.

The Versaplank™Aluminum Plank Decking , Versadry™Aluminum Waterproof Decking and Versamods™ Aluminum Modular Decking systems are designed so they can be easily combined with one another. This feature gives designers and builders the flexibility to create layouts that suit a greater variety of applications.

Aluminum Decking for Commercial use coated with polyurea by Versadeck Decking

Superior Strength for Commercial Decking Applications

All three systems feature the C-60 aluminum Commercial Plank Extrusion as the base component of the designs. The C-60 plank alone is engineered to handle 100 lbs. per square foot at 48" support centers. The added waterproofing extrusion used in the Versadry™ system and the modular design of the Versamods™ system, extends the spanning capabilities up to 60". The Versadeck™ C-60 systems feature superior strength making them ideal for heavy every day commercial applications.

Aluminum Decking with a Thick Comfort Coating

The Versadeck™ aluminum decking Polyurea Deck Coating is thick, durable, slip resistant and comfortable to walk on in the hot sun. This deck coating is the difference that sets Versadeck™ Decking apart from the competition. Homeowners love the rich look and feel without the pinging sound associated with powder coated aluminum decking products. Architects prefer Versadeck™ Decking because they know that the combination of structural aluminum with perhaps the highest performance protective coating available means Versadeck™ polyurea coated aluminum decking will out perform the competition.

Thick Deck Coatings with a 25 and 40 Year Warranty

Aluminum decking alone provides a multitude of structural advantages. Combining this advantage with a superior coating, truly defines the overall performance of the product. After all, the coating provides the color, comfort and durability. Polyurea thickness #1 (standard), offers a limited 25 year warranty and thickness #2, a 40 year limited warranty.

Five Beautiful Aluminum Decking Colors

Verdsadeck™ aluminum decking is available in five Fade Resistant Decking colors; Rustic Brown, Dark Slate Gray, Light Slate Grey, Light Clay Beige and Terra Cotta Red. These colors are driven by and formulated with UV stable pigments and have stood the test of real time. Custom colors are available as a special order request.

Three Skid Resistant Non-Slip Deck Coating Textures

The Versadeck™ thick polyurea coating is available in three Slip Resistant Decking textures. Texture-1 (standard coating) fits most applications, Texture-2 and 3 offer extra non-slip deck options ideal for stair applications and handicap ramps.

Rooftop Decking Design - Noncombustible  Class "A"

Rooftop Deck System by Versadeck Decking

Rooftop Decking, Adjustable Pedestals & Sleeper Joists

Adjustable Pedestals (screw jacks) are screw and stackable adjusting to height for a quick and easy supporting deck base. Use the R-40 or the C-60 aluminum plank for both a fire rated sleeper joist and noncombustible decking material. 

Modular Stair Treads with Risers - Noncombustible  Class "A"

Modular Stairs by Versadeck Decking

Modular Stair System, Treads with Built in Risers 

Modular stair treads are constructed from solid aluminum with built in risers. Treads can span up to 48 inches without a center stringer. 80-100 mils of Versadeck's protective polyurea coating, provides extreme wear resistance, traction and comfort.


Casino Deck - Resorts World New York

Resorts World Casino Deck New York

 Hotel Rooftop Deck - Wynn Macau

Commercial Decking Hotel Rooftop

Fitness Club Pool Deck - Chicago IL

Commercial Pool Deck Decking Health Club

Restaurant Rooftop Deck - Mpls. MN

Rooftop Restaurant Deck Mpls MN

Scenic Overlook Deck - Spokane WA

Scenic Overlook Deck

State Park Deck Trails & Stairs - WI

Roche-a-Cri State Park Decking Trails

Bridge Decks State Park - NC

Chimney Rock State Park Bridge Decking

 Rooftop Deck & Bleachers - Chicago

LVBC Rooftop Deck and Bleachers at Wrigley Field

 Rooftop Deck New York - NY

Urban Outfitters Rooftop Deck New York NY

Brochures - C-60 Aluminum Decking Products

Premium Polyurea Comfort Coating - Versadeck Aluminum Decking   Commercial Plank decking by Versadeck Decking   Commercial Modular Decking Panels - Versadeck Aluminum Decking
Colors & Textures
Polyurea Coated Aluminum Decking
 pdf image.jpg
  Commercial Plank Aluminum Decking
Versaplank C-60
 pdf image.jpg
  Commercial Modular Aluminum Decking
Versamods C-60
 pdf image.jpg

Aluminum Deck Framing Solution - A Light Strong Joist Alternative to Wood Frames
Versajoist™ Aluminum Deck Framing is a Light Strong Joist Alternative to a Conventional Wood Deck Frame. Aluminum Joists, Beams, Posts, Stair Treads and Joist Hangers - A Maintenance Free Deck Frame, 

Versajoist Aluminum Deck Framing 

Aluminum Decking Benefits 

  • Thick Durable Coating
  • Slip Resistant
  • Dent Resistant
  • No Pinging Sound
  • Non-Toxic /no V.O.C's
  • No Painting or Staining
  • No Warping or Shrinking
  • Non-Combustible Fire Safe
  • Stays Cool in the Hot Sun
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • A Green Building Product

Aluminum Decking Uses

  • Commercial Building Decks
  • Marina Decking Docks
  • Multi Family Housing
  • Handicap Accessible Ramps
  • Waterproof Watertight Decks
  • Board Walks
  • Retail Decking
  • Store Front Decks
  • Decks with Ramps
  • Schools
  • Fire Resistant Decks
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Noncombustible
  • Rooftop Decks
  • Outdoor Restaurant Decks

Aluminum Decking Resources

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  • Deck Store  Samples, Parts & Prices
  • Design A Deck :Prices as you Design
  • Technical Info. :Architects & Engineers
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