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Waterproof Decking System Versadry R-40

Waterproof Decking Solution - Watertight Decking That's Dry On Top & Dry Below

Versadry™ Waterproof Decking is Watertight and Versatile. Create dry usable storage space under your deck WITHOUT THE PUDDLES ABOVE and live on an aluminum deck that doesn't feel or look like an aluminum deck. 
Versadry waterproof decking is great for multi-level applications, roof decks and more! 

Waterproof Decking

  • Watertight decking built with gasket seals for a dry space below.
  • For residential or commercial applications.  Lengths up to 32 ft,
  • Environmentally responsible - recyclable, no VOC's / Zero solvents.
  • Supports 40 lbs. per sq ft with  joists spaced up to 42 inches O-C .
  • Supports 60 lbs. per sq ft with  joists spaced up to 36 inches O-C.
  • Supports 100 lbs. per sq ft with  joists spaced up to 24 inches O-C.
  • Light Weight - approx. 1 1/4 lbs. per LN ft, always straight. 

R-40 Watertight Decking 

Available in lengths up to 32 ft - Supports 100lbs psf at 24" joist span
Waterproof Aluminum Decking - Versadry R-40 pdf image.jpg
Waterproof  - Versadry R-40 Installation, Care & Warranty.pdf pdf image.jpg 


Aluminum Decking Maximizing Strength and Versatility

Versadry™ waterproof aluminum decking is a unique two piece system consisting of the R-40 or the C-60 aluminum plank extrusion combined with the Dry Clip extrusion. The design is strong, watertight and has several advantages. Quick and easy to install, Versadry™ waterproof aluminum flooring is an ideal surface for outdoor decks that require design versatility and water drainage options.

Dry Usable Space Below Without the Puddles Above

Versadry™ is unlike other waterproof decking systems that lock together creating a continuous seal at the top requiring water to flow off the deck edges. Although the majority of the water may run off during a heavy rain, much is left on the surface leaving large puddles that can take days to dry up. Versadry™ allows water to run into the Dry Clip channels first allowing the deck surface to drain and dry quickly. The water then flows through these channels and off the deck edge or into a gutter. Versadry™ eliminates puddling and the need to squeegee water off your deck every time it rains. No need to squeegee means lower maintenance and a safer slip resistant deck solution with an under deck dry storage space below.

Waterproof with Water Flow and Drainage Control

The Versadry™ two piece waterproof aluminum decking systems creates drainage and water flow options. Rain water can be directed to flow to and drain off the edges of the deck or in a specific location in the middle of the deck into a midway gutter. A midway gutter can be installed anywhere between two joists by simply stopping and starting the Dry Clip channels and leaving a two inch gap for the water to drop through. The water then drains into a gutter installed under the bottom of the decking running parallel between any two joists. You can also omit the Dry Clip altogether in an area where the deck doesn't need to be waterproof. These options can all be performed without splicing the planks. The result is a continuous consistent plank look from above, with a dry space storage area below with the water flowing and draining at ideal locations.

Waterproof Decking Attachment to a Wall

A Versadry™ Dry Clip is hooked onto the first plank and flipped into a vertical position connecting it to the the first leg that will be up against the wall. Another Dry Clip channel is then connected to the other plank leg in the standard horizontal position. The top of the first vertical positioned Dry Clip is then screwed into the wall and covered with self-adhering rubber tape flashing, sealed and overlapped with siding. The horizontally positioned Dry Clip is then screwed down to the supporting structure (the next plank to install will connect here). The first plank is now installed and you are ready to install the second and all the intermediate planks.

Plank to Plank Aluminum Decking Attachment

The Versadry™ Dry Clip extrusion creates a watertight gasket seal and fastens the decking to the supporting structure at the same time. The first plank to install should be the one that connects to the building wall (see Waterproof Decking Attachment to a Wall).  The second plank is then hooked and locked into the previously installed plank's Dry Clip. A Dry Clip is then connected to the other plank leg and fastened to the supporting structure. Repeat this step on all intermediate planks. Once all intermediate planks are installed, the final finish plank is ready to be installed.

Finish Plank Aluminum Decking Attachment

The final plank to be installed may fit perfectly without it needing to be rip cut to fit. In this case a screw can be installed through the outer plank leg fastening it to the supporting structure. If the last plank needs to be rip cut to line up with the outer deck rim, a filler may be needed to support the cut plank end. After installing the filler block, cover the cut end of the plank with edge trim to hide the cut and filler for a clean finished look.

Aluminum Decking is Light, Strong and Safer to Install

Compared to most wood and composite decking materials, Versadry™ aluminum decking is 2 to 3 times lighter, yet 2 to 3 times stronger. There is less structure needed to support the decking saving time and money. Heavy back breaking labor is dramatically minimized making installation easier, safer and more enjoyable. Versadry™ can be cut with the same saws used to cut wood. There is no need for special saws with metal cutting blades.

Extruded Aluminum Decking for Consistent Results

Versadry™ aluminum decking is always straight and consistent in width unlike most wood and many composite products. Versadry™ decking won't twist, shrink or warp over time when installed on a properly built supporting structure. The size and colors are always uniform. There is no need to pick and sort to strategically place them to hide inconsistencies and blemishes as with most wood and composite decking products. The final installed look is virtually flawless resulting in a pleasing, quality look and feel.

Waterproof Deck Benifits

Waterproof Deck Uses

  • Slip Resistant
  • Dent Resistant
  • Non-Toxic /no V.O.C's
  • No Painting or Staining
  • No Warping or Shrinking
  • Non-Combustible 
  • Stays Cool in the Sun
  • Scratch & Stain Resistant
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Multi-level Units
  • Rooftop Decks
  • Under Deck Storage
  • Patio Deck Room
  • Car Port Roof Deck
  • Garage Roof Deck
  • Multi Family Housing
  • Watertight Decking
  • Protects Deck Frame

Versadeck™ Decking Resources

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  • Deck Kits :ErectADeck™ Kit Packages
  • Deck Store :Samples, Parts & Prices
  • Design A Deck :Prices as you Design
  • Technical Info. :Architects & Engineers

    Versadry™ Slope Drainage Options

    Waterproof Aluminum Decking Versadeck Versadry Drainage Options Diagram

    Versadry™ Flashing at Building Wall

    Aluminum Waterproof Decking Versadeck Versadry Wall Attachment Diagram

    Versadry™ Edge Trim & Drainage End

    Aluminum Waterproof Decking Versadeck Versadry Plank to Plank Attachment Diagram

    Waterproof Decking Brochure

    Waterproof Aluminum Decking Versadry is Watertight
    Waterproof Aluminum Decking
    Versadry R-40
     pdf image.jpg


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