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Versadeck Modular Decking - Modular Deck Panels for Decks - Easy Deck Designs

Versamods™ Modular Deck panels are a lighter and stronger alternative deck material for outdoor decks, ideal for do-it-yourself projects, docks, roof tops and marinas. Create octagonal decking, benches and stairs easily.

Versadeck Planks Welded into Modular Panels

R-40 Modular Decking ( Residential - Light Commercial)


C-60 Modular Decking  (Heavy Commecial Grade)

  • Modular aluminum decking - supports 100 lbs. per square foot with supporting joists spaced at 24 inches O-C.
  • Light weight - approx. 2.25 lbs. per square foot.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Fire resistant - ideal for residential or commercial use.
  • Environmentally friendly and responsible - recyclable and contains no VOC's or solvents. 
  • Modular aluminum decking - supports 100 lbs. per square foot with supporting joists spaced at 48 inches O-C.
  • Light weight - approx. 3.25 lbs. per square foot.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Fire resistant - ideal for heavy commercial applications.
  • Environmentally friendly and responsible - recyclable and contains no VOC's or solvents. 

R-40 Modular Decking 

    Supports 60 lbs psf at 24 inch span   
Brochure   Modular Aluminum Decking - Versamods R-40 pdf image.jpg
Installation   Modular Versamods R-40 Installation, Care & Warranty.pdf pdf image.jpg


C-60  Modular Decking 

Supports 100 lbs psf at 48 inch span   
Brochure   Commercial Modular Aluminum Decking - Versamods C-60 pdf image.jpg
Installation   Modular Versamods C-60 Installation, Care & Warranty.pdf pdf image.jpg 

Minimize Labor Costs with Modular Aluminum Decking

Seventy five percent of the deck building labor that would traditionally be performed on-site is minimized because it is completed at the factory instead ~ converting on-site labor costs into factory controlled production.

Versamods™ are aluminum decking planks cut to sizes and welded together to form a specific shape, modular tiles, deck squares or a deck panel. Aluminum flat strips and angles are welded to the bottom of the aluminum planks to hold them together equally spaced. These aluminum flats and angles have screw holes located between the plank gaps so screws can be installed from the top and stay hidden between the plank gaps. Versamods™ modular aluminum flooring can be easily mounted from the top of the deck yet the result is a clean fastener free looking deck surface. There are several standard modular deck panel shapes available which are combined to form myriad deck designs.

Versamods™ aluminum modular decking is ideal for outdoor decks, boat docks, marinas, roof top decks and are a great solution for do-it-yourself deck projects. Versamods™ are a lighter and stronger alternative flooring option compared to a wood or composite deck.

Modular Decking Installs Quick, No Cutting No Waste

Versamods™ Modular Aluminum decking installs several times quicker than traditional planks. The panels fit together quickly like a simple jigsaw puzzle. The welded-in screw flanges require 60% less fasteners than traditional top mounted planking. The panels fit your deck so there is no cutting required and zero wasted material.

Modular Decking Value for the Deck Buyer

Your new decking dollars invested are directed more towards the product itself and less towards the labor costs. Traditionally, about 1/3 of decking dollars invested would go towards materials and the rest would be needed to cover installation costs. Versamods™ modular decking virtually reverses this factor putting more of your dollars invested towards a high performance material. You end up with a superior performing product for about the same dollars invested compared to a lower performance deck material that requires three times the labor costs. Don't forget to factor in the extreme low maintenance value which saves you more time and money on a yearly basis.

Aluminum Modular Deck Value for the Deck Builder

The deck builder can build more decks per year without adding installers. Completing more deck projects without increasing labor costs, using less screws, less saw blades and virtually no disposal costs, will generally better the bottom line. Transporting panelized aluminum decking is easier and costs less due to its weight and compact modular sizes. Modular decking can be palletized for shipping making handling easier. The modular panels easily fit in the back of a van or pickup truck as well as small trailers, making the transportation of the product more convenient.

Modular Decking is Lighter, Stronger and Safer

Compared to most wood and composite decking materials, Versamods™ modular aluminum decking panels are 2 to 3 times lighter, yet 2 to 3 times stronger. You do not have to build your structure to support a heavy composite decking material. Build a lighter frame and work with a lighter decking material, enjoy yourself during the installation, don't work harder because it may just be the last time you'll ever need to work on your deck again. So save your back and save your fingers because the Versamods™ modular deck system rarely requires the use of a saw for installation. 

Professional Results Made Easy with Modular Decking

With Versamods™ modular aluminum decking, all the cutting and measuring is completed at the factory in a controlled environment with quality control factors in place. Versamods™ decking arrives at the site ready to be installed with factory ends built right in to the panels. All the deck installer has to do is build the deck's supporting structure to suit the modular decking sizes so the panels fit together correctly. Professional results are made easy because the finished decking result is less reliant on the installer’s craftsmanship skills.

Modular Deck System Ideal for Boat Docks and Marinas

Versamods™ Modular aluminum decking is an ideal solution for floating boat docks and marinas. The panels are light, durable, slip resistant and they stay cooler to the touch even on the hottest days. Versamods™ Modular aluminum decking is a high quality, long lasting alternative for boat docks used on residential properties and commercial applications. Versamods™ modular decking works well with boat lifts, both floating and stationary. Use the standard deck squares or we can create a custom size and shape to conform to your existing dock support frame. Versamods™ modular aluminum decking is also an ideal solution for those looking to create a do-it-yourself dock project with near zero maintenance.

Rooftop Decking Design - Noncombustible  Class "A"

Rooftop Deck System by Versadeck Decking

Rooftop Decking, Adjustable Pedestals & Sleeper Joists

Adjustable Pedestals (screw jacks) are screw and stackable adjusting to height for a quick and easy supporting deck base. Use the R-40 or the C-60 aluminum plank for both a fire rated sleeper joist and noncombustible decking material. 

Modular Stair Treads with Risers - Noncombustible  Class "A"

Modular Stairs by Versadeck Decking

Modular Stair System, Treads with Built in Risers 

Modular stair treads are constructed from solid aluminum with built in risers. Treads can span up to 48 inches without a center stringer. 80-100 mils of Versadeck's protective polyurea coating, provides extreme wear resistance, traction and comfort.


Versamods™ Modular Decking

Aluminum Modular Decking Installation Diagram by Versadeck Decking

Step 1 - Modular Deck Designs

Aluminum Modular Decking Versadeck Versamods Deck Design Diagram

Step 2 - Order Aluminum Deck Parts

Qty. Part Name Visual
6 4 x 4 Plank Panel   Modular Decking 4x4 Versadeck Versamods Image
5 4 x 2 Plank Panel   Modular Decking 4x2 Versadeck Versamods Image
8 Octagon Panel   Modular Decking Octagon Outer Versadeck Versamods Image
1 Oct. Center Panel   Modular Decking Octagon Center Versadeck Versamods Image
1 Oct. LT Tri Panel    Modular Decking Triangle Versadeck Versamods Image
9 Stair Tread Panel   Modular Decking Stair Tread Versadeck Versamods Image

Step 3 - Packaged & Delivered Decking

Aluminum Modular Decking Shipped to your door Versadeck Versamods Diagram

Step 4 - Install & Enjoy Your Deck Kit

Aluminum Modular Decking Versadeck Versamods Deck Kit Project Diagram

 Modular Decking Benefits

  • Thick Comfort Coating
  • Slip Resistant
  • Dent Resistant
  • No Pinging Sound
  • Non-Toxic /no V.O.C's
  • No Painting or Staining
  • No Warping or Shrinking
  • Non-Combustible Fire Safe
  • Stays Cool in the Hot Sun
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant
  • Environmentally Responsible

 Modular Decking Uses

  • Boat Docks and Marinas
  • Roof Top Decks
  • Do-it-yourself Deck Kits
  • Back Yard Outdoor Decks
  • Front Porch Decks
  • Patio Decks
  • Decks with Ramps
  • Handicap Accessible Ramps
  • Deck Ramps
  • Fire Safe Fire Proof Decks
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Non Combustible Fireproof
  • 100% Maintenance Free Decks

R-40 Modular Deck Panels

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Modular Decking (View All)
  4x4 Left Triangle
  4x4 Right Triangle
  Stair Tread
  Octagon Kit
  Octagon LT Tri
  Octagon RT Tri
  Octagon Center
  Octagon Outer
  2x2 Left Triangle
  2x2 Right Triangle
  8x8 Design Kit

C-60 Commercial Deck Panels

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Modular Decking (View All)
  Stair Tread

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    Polyurea Coated Aluminum Decking
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      Modular Aluminum Decking 
    Versamods R-40
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     Versamods C-60
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    Aluminum Deck Framing Solution - A Light Strong Joist Alternative to Wood Frames
    Versajoist™ Aluminum Deck Framing is a Light Strong Joist Alternative to a Conventional Wood Deck Frame. Aluminum Joists, Beams, Posts, Stair Treads and Joist Hangers - A Maintenance Free Deck Frame. 

    Versajoist Aluminum Deck Framing 

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