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Versadeck Plank Decking with Picket Aluminum Railing


Aluminum Plank Decking - Unique Extruded Decking Designs that's Combine-able
Versaplank™ Aluminum Plank Decking is combine-able, light and strong creating versatility for deck designers and builders. Fire Resistant Decking, ideal for residential and commercial outdoor decks.


Residential Plank R-40

R-40 Plank Decking 

  Supports 60 lbs psf at 24 inch span    Available in lengths up to 40 foot
Brochure   Plank Aluminum Decking - Versaplank R-40 pdf image.jpg
Installation   Plank Aluminum Decking - Versaplank R-40 Installation, Care & Warranty.pdf pdf image.jpg 

Commercial Plank C-60

C-60 Commercial Plank Decking 

  Supports 100 lbs psf at 48 inch span    Available in lengths up to 40 foot

Brochure   Commercial Plank Aluminum Decking - Versaplank C-60 pdf image.jpg
Installation   Plank Aluminum Decking - Versaplank C-60 Installation, Care & Warranty.pdf pdf image.jpg 




R-40 Aluminum Plank Decking       C-60 Plank Aluminum Decking
  • Supports 40 lbs psf at a 36 inch span.
  • Supports 60 lbs psf at a 24 inch span.
  • Supports 100 lbs psf at a 16 inch span.
  • Light Weight - 2.5 lbs per sq. ft.
  • Available in plank lengths up to 40 ft.
  • Ideal for residential or light commercial use.
  • Environmentally responsible and recyclable.
  • Contains zero VOC's and no solvents.
  • Supports 100 lbs psf at a 48 inch span.
  • Supports 60 lbs psf at a 60 inch span.
  • Light Weight - 3.5 lbs per sq. ft.
  • Available in plank lengths up to 40 ft.
  • Ideal for heavy commercial use.
  • Environmentally responsible and recyclable.
  • Contains zero VOC's and no solvents.
  • NFPA Class A fire rated as non-combustible.
R-40 Plank list prices      

C-60 Plank list prices



Unique Decking Maximizes Strength and Versatility

Versaplank™ aluminum decking features a unique extruded plank design that maximizes its strength to weight ratio. The plank legs are angled inward and then step back out. The design is strong and versatile creating several advantages for the deck designer and installer. Quick and easy to install, Versaplank™ aluminum decking is an ideal decking solution for resurfacing existing deck structures and new deck construction.

Combine-able Design Class A Fire Rated Decking

Versadeck™ Versaplank™ aluminum decking is combine-able with Versamods™ Modular Decking and Versadry™ Waterproof Decking creating versatility for the deck designer and builder. Versadeck's thick Class "A" Polyurea Deck Coating makes Versadeck™ Decking a Noncombustible Decking solution ideal for residential and commercial outdoor decks. 

Combine Versaplank™ & Versamods™ Decking

Versaplank™ is available in lengths up to 40' minimizing the need for splicing. Combine Versaplank™ with the Versamods™ Modular Octagon Deck kit to achieve a custom look with ease. Use the Versamods™ Modular Stair Treads for added strength to simplify the deck stairs installation.

Combine Versaplank™ and Versadry™ Decking

Create a deck with a continuous plank look throughout, with the waterproof deck area only where you need it. The Versadry™ Waterproof Decking system is a two piece system consisting of the Versaplank™ and a special clip on extrusion called the Dry Clip that makes it waterproof. This unique design allows the installer to order the Versadry™ waterproof Dry Clip extrusion in individual lengths separate from the planks. For example; a 12' Dry Clip extrusion can be combined with a 24' Versaplank™ creating a 24' aluminum plank that is half waterproof.

Aluminum Decking That's Easy and Quick to Install

Versaplank™ aluminum decking is easy and quick to install. In many applications, Versaplank™ aluminum decking can be fastened by inserting a screw directly through the aluminum plank foot. This option can be used for aluminum planks that are 12' or less in length. On planks longer than twelve feet, use the T-Clips to fasten Versaplank™ decking to the supporting structure.

T-Clips mount the plank firmly in place yet allow them to expand and contract with the temperature changes preventing the fasteners from shearing off. The T-Clips are easily installed from the top side of the deck yet stay hidden between the plank gaps resulting in a clean surface look. 
Use the Starter Clips to install the first plank side that's next to a building wall. The first plank slides into the Starter Clips followed by a T-Clip for fastening the other side of the plank. The Starter Clips are used for the first plank and the T-Clips are used throughout the rest of the deck.

The T-Clips features an optional drop-in method allowing the installer to position several planks first and then go back and quickly drop and fasten the remaining T-Clips in place. The T-Clips do not have to be installed as you go plank by plank making installation several times quicker. The T-Clips also support a variance in plank spacing form 1/4" up to 3/8" if needed. The Starter Clips and T-Clips are used for both the R-40 and C-60 Versaplank™ aluminum decking systems. 

Aluminum Decking is Light, Strong and Safer to Install

Compared to most wood and composite decking materials, Versaplank™ aluminum decking is 2 to 3 times lighter, yet 2 to 3 times stronger. There is less structure needed to support the decking saving time and money. Heavy back breaking labor is minimized making installation easier, safer and more enjoyable. Versaplank™ can be cut with the same saws used to cut wood. There is no need for special saws with metal cutting blades.

Extruded Aluminum Decking for Consistent Results

Versaplank™ aluminum decking is always straight and consistent in width unlike most wood and composite products. Versaplank™ decking won't twist, shrink or warp over time when installed on a properly built supporting structure. The size and colors are always uniform. There is no need to pick and sort to strategically place and hide inconsistencies and blemishes like with most wood and composite decking products. The final installed look is virtually flawless, resulting in a pleasing, high quality look and feel.

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    Versaplank™ Deck Design (24'x10')

    Aluminum Plank Decking Versadeck Versaplank Deck Diagram

    Combine All Three Decking Systems

    Aluminum Plank Decking Versadeck Versaplank Combined with Versamods modular and Versadry waterproof Decking Diagram

    Versaplank™ Standard Plank Decking

    Aluminum Plank Decking Installation Diagram

    Brochures - Aluminum Plank Decking Products

    Premium Polyurea Comfort Coating - Versadeck Aluminum Decking   Commercial Plank decking by Versadeck Decking   Aluminum Plank Decking Versaplank by Versadeck Decking
    Colors & Textures
    Polyurea Coated Aluminum Decking
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      Commercial Plank Aluminum Decking
    Versaplank C-60
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      Plank Aluminum Decking 
    Versaplank R-40
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